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Canadian Friend

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by BlackPuma, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. Ok I have a friend whose in Canada...and she wants to apply to medical school or osteopathic in the near future....

    this is her/his dilemma

    his/her graduated and doesn't have the grades to get accepted to med school....

    he/she wants to boost his gpa, so I told him to go and get his masters....

    but he/she says, that they don't want to pursue a masters, and can they just take regular classes to boost up their undergraduate or graduate gpa?

    I said, even if u take undergrad clases, ur undergrad gpa stays the same, but ur graduate gpa will now be considered...

    but he/she says, they dont want to pursue a masters..

    so I said, do some post-bach classes...and he said in montreal, they have no such thing as post-bac classes?

    ok, so she/he basically needs advice on how to improve gpa, what are the pathways? and what are possible?!!?

    please post, so she can read it...

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  3. omores

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    Undergraduate GPA is more important than graduate GPA to medical admissions committees -- it's the one that's usually factored in to whatever algorithm they're using to determine "acceptibility." Graduate GPA is simply a bonus.

    Therefore your friend really needs to boost his/her undergraduate GPA, and since he/she doesn't want to do a Master's anyway, the best route is to take more undergraduate courses. Your friend has the right idea: any undergraduate course will boost the undergraduate GPA -- even if your friend has already graduated. "Undergraduate" GPA refers to the level of the course, not to the level of the person taking it.

    Also, any undergraduate level course taken after graduation is by definition a post-bacc course, even in Montreal -- it doesn't have to be part of an official post-bacc program. Post-bacc just means the person taking the courses already has a bachelor's degree.

    So your friend's best GPA-boosting bet is to enroll in some undergraduate-level courses and ace them. These should include rigourous science courses -- admissions committees will see through an attempt to inflate a GPA with fluff.

    Best of luck!

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