Canadian/International Expanding MD School List! Need advice!

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May 8, 2020
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I'm a Canadian/international student studying in one of the Ivy school and applying to medical school this year. I'm trying to seek advice from past Canadian/international applicants to see what schools had given you guys interview. General advice about whether the school list is realistic or not is also appreciated. I just want to make sure the schools I apply to consider Canadians/international and not blanking listing it on their website (heard that some schools just want the secondary fee).

I'm applying without having my MCAT score. I'm taking it June 28th and my pre-med advisor advised me to send out my application soon. A conservative estimate will be a 518 as that is my full-length score last month.

Here are my Stats if it is relevant:
cGPA: 3.89
BCPM GPA: 3.88

Major activités:
1. Virology independent research (>1500hrs).
One co-authored publication and working on completing the final experiments for my first authored one. Unfortunately due to the pandemic it is impossible to finish it before this summer ends.
2. Editorial associate for a peer review publishing medical journal (>1500hrs)
A legit clinical peer review journal (impact factor > 6). The managing editor and Acting Editor-in-chief (a pretty well known physician) wrote me a LOR. Work a pretty independent job and operates part of the peer reviewing processes. Due to the nature of the job, I work with physicians everyday virtually.
3. COVID-19 testing site volunteer (almost 100 hrs)
Volunteered at a mass screening site in an underserved neighborhood.

Other activities:
4. Volunteer at a homeless center (75 hours)
Volunteered there since the beginning of my freshman year until the pandemic, not much hours because I go there one time every two weeks and took a break during sophomore fall for personal reasons.
5. Clinical testing patient's smell and taste (around 400 hours) (paid position)
Only during freshman year in our school's hospital.
Only 50 hours are actually testing people, rest of the 350 hours I'm entering patient's test result/data into the system and sorting patient files.
Using different test kits and equipments to test patient's smell or taste.
6. Volunteer at a local correctional facility (~20 hours)
Deliver health-related workshop to the inmates every week. The program stopped because of the pandemic.

1. President of our campus's chapter of Habitat for Humanity (got some volunteering experience from that too)
Organized some cool stuff such as 5K-run, professor dinners, affordable housing quiz bowls, etc.
2. Executive board (basically co-president but there's no such position) for our school's Museum club
Also organized some cool stuff such as a >100 ppl escape the room and other fun events in the Museum.
3. Community Liaison for our institution's center with the homeless shelter that I volunteer in.

I want to expand my school list based on the uncertainties as an international. Please also give me advice if the current school list is too much of a reach.
I made my school list from stats of what schools had accepted international in the past (and of course MSAR):

Mayo Clinic MN
Johns Hopkins
Washington University
Weill Cornell
Icahn School of medicine
Boston University
University of Pittsburgh
Case Western
Michigan State (DO program for Canadians)