WAMC Canadian applicant, cGPA:3.92, MCAT 514 (CARS126) - Please help with school list!

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May 4, 2023
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Hello, I am limited financially so I can't apply to many schools; I'd appreciate your help in narrowing my school list down to schools I really may have a chance in (10-15). Coming from Canada, I don't have a lot of clinical experience other than 300h of volunteering at hospital.

2000h research + 2 pubs
Leadership, around 2000h at various school clubs
300h volunteering at hospital
A number of awards + poster presentations
just getting started with non-clinical volunteering in may will accumulate about 200h before matriculation
employment (lifeguard) about 900 hrs
West Asian, 1st gen immigrant

Current list:
Case Western
Geisel at Dartmouth
Northwestern Feinberg
Stony Brook
Washington @ St. Louis

Possible additions/replacements:
Sidney Kimmel @ Thomas Jefferson
Icahn @ Mount Sinai
Central Michigan
Michigan State
Chicago (Pritzker)
West Virginia
Geore Washington

I used Msar for these but Idk how to narrow them down, really struggling there :( I'd appreciate any help I can get...thank you in advance!

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Here is some info on topics that may be helpful .

1. financing med school for Canadian students:

2. My post from 2020. Not sure if all of this is still true. Check it out. Michigan State has both Osteopathic and Allopathic schools. I dont know if both are equally welcoming in terms of tuition for Canadians.
"MSUCOM has a special tuition rate for Canadian students and I think they allocate a number of spots for Canadian students. They have a Canadian Students guide with lots of details and links. https://com.msu.edu/application/files/5415/8894/0666/Canadian-Student-Guide.pdf

"The College of Osteopathic Medicine plans to recruit qualified Canadian students with an interest in primary care to help promote osteopathic medicine in Canada. Graduates of the college are recognized by the Canadian Resident Matching Service as an approved non-Canadian medical school. The college has taken the initiative to recruit qualified Canadian applicants and has set a special tuition rate for these students through scholarships. Interested applicants are encouraged to review our scholarship information.

MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Canadian Osteopathic Association encourage applicants to review all prerequisite requirements. The college offers admission on a rolling basis and as such it is beneficial to have application ready for submission when the application cycle begins, typically in May, for the following summer start. We invite all interested Canadian candidates to take a moment to review the Canadian Student Guide prior to application, as it articulates several of the expectations Canadian students will encounter during their undergraduate and graduate medical education experiences."

3. There are some schools that accept more Canadian and other international applicants than others. Some accept none. Read this thread and do a search for other posts like it . Also : be careful re: choosing schools that have a particular mission. Do you share that commitment and will your application prove that? For Example: Univ of Chicago has a focus on social justice and serving the underserved.

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With your lack of non clinical volunteering and no shadowing you are not competitive for most MD schools. You could try Wayne State, Michigan State and Central Michigan. Apply to DO schools that accept applications from International students and I suggest these:
I think for DO and MD being international, I would wait a year to get more clinical hours. 300 is way too low