Canadian Student - OptomCAS Transcript Entry Help for Full Year Courses

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Nov 16, 2017
Hey guys,

So on my official canadian transcript, the courses are all listed per year (Fall/Winter together). It is clear which half courses were taken in which semester, but when it comes to my full year courses (1.0 credits or 6 hours) do I write the course info once in the first semester on optomCAS or do I split it into 2 half courses?

For example:

Option 1 --> Fall 2015 - Physiology 1234 - 1.0 credits/6hrs
Winter 2016 - (nothing)

Option 2 --> Fall 2015 - Physiology 1234 - 0.5 credits/3hrs
Winter 2016 - Physiology 1234 - 0.5 credits/3hrs

On my transcript it is listed as a 1.0 credit course.

Please let me know how my fellow canadian students entered the courses on optomcas!! Much appreciated yall :)
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