Jun 20, 2009
hello friends,

to all canadians wanting to go to dental school in the states - are you planning on returning to canada after you get your licenses? i am a canadian citizen myself but i have been in the states for some time now. i am starting dent. school in the fall.

i know canada's health system is quite different from that in the US, but does anyone know any major differences between the 2 dental systems (esp now that the health reform passed in the states). i have been entertaining the idea of returning to canada after graduation and practicing in canada but im not sure if it would be a smart move career-wise and financially (since i will have student loans to pay!)

anyone with info please speak up! thanks :)


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Jul 16, 2006
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Fewer Americans have dental insurance, whereas many Canadians (at least, Torontonians) have dental insurance, probably due to the fact that we don't subscribe to 3rd party health insurance policies. This can result in better, more compliant patients, but you probably can't charge as much for each service since you are restricted by insurance reimbursements. Also, my experience is that the average general dentist in Toronto probably just follows the ODA Fee Guide. The health care reform mainly affects pediatric and general dentists because all children will be covered for dental work (I don't know to what extent). This will likely improve the situation for all dentists, because the next generation will be more aware of the importance of oral health and its maintenance.