Cardiology fellowship match stats?

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Nov 22, 2006
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Hi, I'm just an MS1, so I don't exactly know the details of the fellowship matching processes. I've searched quite a bit online and in these forums for some definitive stats of match success rates into cardiology--but without much success.

Does anyone know of any good links that cover this? Sorry if this is on here somewhere; I did try weeding it out first.

Thanks in advance.

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I want to say that info is on Freida, however, I am not certain, try searching for Freida, off the top of my head, I believe there is about 6000 apps for about 400 to 500 spots per year.
Yeah, I don't think such stats are on that site. I've looked there before and could only find info about how many people are currently in cardiology programs, how many hours they work on average, etc. No match stats, though.

I've heard similar numbers as to what you describe, but I was wondering if there are any more specific numbers that break things down into US vs. IMG, number of apps per person, or whatever.

Thanks tho!
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It's 66% of the ALL APPLICANTS who MATCHED cards were US grads. It isn't 66% just US Grads who applied and matched. Its confusing the way its written. They don't show how many applied in each group.
Exactly. If you add up the groups, it makes 100%, so they have accounted for all of the matchees stratified by medical schools. If it were the other way around (66% of US grads who applied matched, 23% of foreign grads, etc.), then it wouldn't equal 100%. I think probably the information people are interested in is the chance of matching, but that data doesn't tell us.

Is there anywhere we can actually find out match statistics like the residency stats that NRMP puts out each year?

Is there such a thing as scramble for fellowships?? Does ERAS release such info for fellowship applicants???