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Jun 18, 2007
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Hi all, I'll be an M1 starting this fall, and I know some might say at this stage it's too early to be thinking about specialties, but I've also heard it said that those who know what they want to do early and stick with it can end up in a better position come time to apply for residencies. I'm looking for advice on how to put myself in a good position to be competitive for a top IM residency program and then later on a cards fellowship. Board scores and grades are a given, but what else should I do when I begin? Should I try landing a research position in cardiology early on in medical school or is basic sciences research fine? How important are LORs when trying to land a spot at a top IM residency program? Although the med school I will be attending this fall is a strong program, it's not attached to a top academic hospital, ie. as far a i know no big wig faculty, but does this really matter? What else should I be thinking about? I'm pretty green, but I'm not a spaz, I'm just looking to get a good start and some advice from folks who've walked the road.
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