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Career change. How do I look as an applicant and where to go from here?


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Jul 26, 2017
  1. Pre-Occupational Therapy
    University: University of California, Riverside

    Major: Biological Sciences, Medical Biology Track

    Undergraduate GPA: 3.04

    Overall GPA: 3.15

    Prereq GPA: ~3.90

    Last 60 GPA: 4.0 (Does this include courses taken after completing bachelors or only during?)

    GRE: 155 V, 157 Q, 4.0 A (Plan on retaking with confidence that I will do better)

    Licenses: AHA BLS, Pharmacy Technician

    Experiences: 1800 hours as a patient transporter in a hospital. 1500 as a patient care technician mainly on the orthopedics unit but occasionally floating to other units. 500 as a pharmacy technician in retail. 400 as a clinical care volunteer (similar to CNAs but volunteer) in med-surg, SICU, pulmonary renal, radiology, orthopedics, and general surgery. 240 hours shadowing a physician and taking vitals.

    Would like your opinion on if I have a chance of getting into PT school before devoting time and effort into researching and applying for schools. I am aware that I don't have any observation hours or know any physical therapists to write my letters as of right now. Just wanted to see my chances before I begin. Lets assume that I meet the minimum amount of observation hours for most schools, what do you think my chances are? Advice on how to improve and what schools to look would be appreciated. Thanks.
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