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Could someone tell me why they believe C is the correct answer here? If you remember this passage, or if you don't mind skimming it real quickly. It's a nice passage to read, so it shouldn't waste your time :)

Looking back at this question, it makes more sense to me that D would be the correct answer, because the majority of the passage is devoted to the history of artists and how they painted objectively rather than subjectively.
I didn't think it was C, because C says he "tried to solve the problem of interpretation by attempting to view the world objectively." "tried" and "attempting" suggest that Cezanne made an attempt and might have failed, but in fact, according to the passage, he was the first artist to successfully view the world subjectively. This was the beginning of a new era in painting.

Again, looking at each paragraph, the majority of the passage is devoted to discussing the past artists who attempted to do what only Cezanne ultimately was famous for.
Here's my little write up:

P1: Cezanne presented the world objectively; his predecessors presented the world as tainted by the senses

P2: Past painters tried to paint objectively, but failed due to perceptions

P3: They tried to solve the problem of perception with imagination, but that is still painting subjectively

P4: Cezanne was successful in accounting for his perceptions; painting reality

Point: Cezanne was the first to defeat the tendency to perceive reality in a way that surpassed truth.
Cezanne was the first to see the world as reality, whereas his predecessors were unable to separate their false perceptions from that which was truthful.


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