Case's new curriculum(CASE STUDENTS!)

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Jan 6, 2006
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Can anyone comment on Case Western's new curriculum? Do you all think it will be effective in preparing you for your part 1 boards? Is the information and practical concepts applicable to you or do you feel like it is still rough around the edges? Just wondering since I know the program is new and wanted to see if students felt it was working out.

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yea i think it's rough around the edges. they still don't have things completely worked out. like this week is finals. and we have one for every class. ...and then on friday we have a comprehensive. that is pretty redundant. why test us over the classes we just got tested on. im sure this will all get worked out by next year tho.
As for boards, i think we'll be prepared. i don't think anyone has failed the dental anatomy section of it since Dr J has been teaching. she is tough. plus on some other exams they put old board questions. and they aren't too difficult.
All schools have ups and downs, but i would definitely choose Case if i had it to do over again.
Nice post Lido, Thanks.

Message to Dents, any advice this time of year is priceless to us predents. We appreciate anything you can offer. ( I know it is finals, thanks)


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i think the 'new program' is about 3-4 years old...which is very new in an older dental school. I have never heard any complaints on SDN about Case's program if it is any consolation.
The new curriculum has been implemented this year for the first time. It is not 3-4 years old as previously stated. As for the OP's questions, ditto to everything Lidopaine said.
Case has slowly been implementing this program for 3-4 years, it's just that the class of 2010 is the 1st class to see the pass/fail system and a more hard core adoption of the "personal/group study time" concept. Case has been working on this for awhile. I assure you that this has been a work in progress at Case for many years. Our Dean is taking our school into the 21st century and I'm grateful for it.