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Apr 27, 2008
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I currently have the Kaplan online subscription, so I currently have the 10 kaplan tests, and aamc tests 3-10.

I noticed on ebay they sell 10 cbt tests (gold standard), and the auctions usually go for under 50 (which sounds pretty cheap).

I am wondering about two things though, does anyone know whether these tests are totally different from kaplan and aamc? Are these auctions genuine new tests? I hate to blow 50 dollars, and find out I got duplicates or something worse...

Anyway, also I am looking the take the most practice tests possible, so if anyone knows any other tests I should try obtaining. Let me know, thanks.


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Jun 27, 2007
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The Gold Standard CBTs from the auction are most likely fake. When you "buy" them from Gold Standard, GS gives you access to the tests online for a year. In other words, the seller on ebay should be selling his or her key to the online tests and not the tests themselves. I think GS's MCAT prep book offers some CBTs, but they only offer 3. Just get the tests from GS and avoid getting scammed. It would suck to pay that money only to find that the seller's code is invalid.

About the tests themsevles, not that many people have taken them. When something on them pops up, it is usually a positive review.

Another set of practice CBTs you should get is the set offered by Berkeley Review. They offer a maximum of 7 tests for $200.
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