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Apr 30, 2008
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Anyone is going for Ontario CE1 conducted by CAPHEA?My exam is on May,26. I'm looking for study partner in Toronto. If u r preparing for the same, Pl contact me at [email protected]
looking forward to hearing from u asap.....

Thanks in advance...


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Sep 29, 2007

Hey, I am a step behind you in the Canadian qualification process.
I trust everything went well on the 26th.
What's the turnaround time for receiving scores?

I am registering for the August - October 2008 sessions currently and have yet to touch base with anyone that has taken this exam and have a few of the usual early exam prep questions:

What are the best available resources (if any) available for CE1 prep?

I am wondering whether the best way to study for CE1 is to research the best current Step 2 CS study materials (eg USMLEW, Qbank, other relevant texts) as the USMLE Step exams tend to have a wealth of excellent prep resources compared with the MCC exams.

Out of curiosity, have you taken Step 2 CS? Just wondering if the presence of a live examiner at each station drastically reduces the similarity of CE1 and Step 2 CS?

Do you know if the stations stick to those frequently presenting in ED and the wards (eg, acute asthma, chest pain etc) and are their any other cases that pop up regularly?
With regards to the distribution of cases commonly used, do the administrators of CE1 try to include a set number of Psych & OBG cases?
Do they touch on Pediatrics at all?

Info in reference to the above as well as any other tidbits of info regarding CE1 that you can toss in will be greatly appreciated.



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Nov 1, 2006
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Also applying for CE1 in the fall, looking for answers to those same questions...
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