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Jun 4, 2017
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Im a U.S. resident current junior in undergrad at GWU, I'm taking the MCAT in august and am applying to a Special Masters in Physiology program (options include Georgetown, Tulane, Tufts, Duke). I'm very interested in Mcgill as a medical school and wanted to know if anyone has any insight on if they consider these programs to be as valuable as many US medical school do.

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McGill graduate here. I know that in Canada completing a Masters and getting a pub during that time helps a lot of previously unsuccessful applicants get in. Canadian med schools as a whole however aren't exactly holding open arms to internationals (UBC flat out doesnt accept any, UoT hasn't taken any the last few years, and McGill only takes a few). Can I ask why the interest in McGill? Do you want to practice in Canada? If so then have you thought about doing a Masters in Canada? Or were you thinking of going to McGill for MD and then residency in the US?