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    My school has a PDA requirement for 3rd year. 3rd year conveinently begins around the time my cell phone contract ends. Furthermore, I have wanted a PDA-cell phone combo for awhile now, but have held off b/c I knew of the requirement and wanted to wait until the appropriate time to get the most up-to-date technology.

    Anyway, I have T-mobile and the pocket PC cell phone they support is an HP that has been updated since 2002. In addition, according to their website they seem to have dropped the product from their lineup.

    So the point is - does anyone know of any other cell phone companies that support decent Pocket PC based handhelds?

    Thanks for any info.
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    you can always buy an unlocked phone/pda, then use it on any gsm network. my nokia 3230 is not supported in the usa by any carrier, but tmobile has no problem letting me use it (they don't care as long as you pay the bill). you can look on ebay for a handset. sometimes, an independent dealer may have merchandise that's different from the official listing too (a more feasible route if you're in the nyc area).

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