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Apr 6, 2017
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  1. Pre-Medical
-cGPA: 4.0
-MCAT: 506 - 71%
-----C/P - 92%
-----CARS - 61%
-----Bio - 75%
-----Psych/Soc - 52% o_O
-Wisconsin resident
-200+ Clinical volunteering hours
-~17 non-clinical volunteering hours
-~45 hours of research in organic chemistry
-~70 hours of research in human development
-Club officer
-University Leadership Award recipient

-Gap year: I've been hired on as a full-time medical scribe. If I do get accepted this cycle I will have a minimum of 1,500 clinical hours by next summer.

Additionally, I plan on doing some other shadowing during my gap year. Before I list off a bunch of school I was initially planning on applying to about 15 of them. I am worried about my MCAT score. My C/P score completely shocked me, but my CARS and P/S were about 25% lower than my practice exams. Is my MCAT even good enough for MD schools? Is the discrepancy between my GPA and MCAT a red flag? Also I should point out that I do not mind where I end up. I mean I care that the school and atmosphere is good, but I just don't mind if I have to move across the country.

Here are the schools I have picked thus far in no particular order. I know I am late to the party (no need to reiterate that), but I am just trying to find OOS friendly schools that I may be able to get accepted.

1. UW School of Medicine and Public Health
2. Medical College of WI
3. Central Michigan University
4. Chicago - Rosalind Franklin
5. Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
6. Creighton University School of Medicine
7. George Washington University
8. Indiana University
9. Loyola University
10. New York Medical College
11. Oakland University William Beaumont
12. Ohio State University
13. Oregon Health & Science University
14. Penn State University
15. Saint Louis University
16. Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University
17. University of Toledo
18. Tulane University
19. UCLA (Is this a foolish idea?)
20. University of Iowa
21. U of Minnesota (used to live here and I loved it)
22. U of Nevada, Reno
23. U of Vermont
24. Virginia Commonwealth
25. West Virginia University

Ok so I am not sure how my odds stack up here. I am hoping there are some people out there that will be able to explain why certain school may or may not be a good option for me.

Thank you.


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Sep 15, 2012
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  1. Attending Physician
State public schools such as Central Michigan, Cooper Rowan, Ohio State, Oregon, Toledo, Nevada accept very few non residents with your MCAT. UCLA is a reach. I suggest adding these schools:
Western Michigan
Eastern Virginia


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Jun 11, 2010
Somewhere west of St. Louis
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You need much more non-clinical volunteering. Show off your altruism as Medicine is a service profession.

Here is amore realistic list:

Rosy Franklin
Loma Linda (only if you are SDA or a very devout Christian)
Uniformed Services University/Hebert (just be aware of the military service commitment)
Any DO school. I can't recommend Touro-NY, or LUCOM, for different reasons. Start with DMU, CCOM and MUCOM


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Apr 6, 2017
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  1. Pre-Medical
Ok thank you for the help, although some of those school have pretty high MCAT scores compared to mine.
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