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May 14, 2010
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I've been trying to pre-write some of my secondary essays and have been 'challenged' by the difficult or challenging situation essay. I have to say I had a very hard time thinking of anything other than a high school situation where I was told by a coach I wouldn't make the varsity team for the following year and through hard work above and beyond team responsibilities, weightlifting, etc. was able to make it after all despite predictions. That was a very rewarding and gratifying experience for me. It was also an experience with a set plan of action that was carried out, coping mechanisms used, and a resolution. However, it is from when I was 16. Since college years I cannot think of anything except how a lab worker above me, who was assigned as my go-to-person for advice during my research project, was hostile toward me. I could not figure out why for a long time. Eventually she had an outburst and said I was getting all the credit for work she was advising me on. Mind you, I had given her credit many times in front of our supervisor, but she was still angry/hostile. For a whole year after I worked in a room with only her, trying to do extra things to help with whatever project she was working on and being sure to give her due credit for everything. I can't say that it's resolved, but perhaps a bit better. In the essay I wrote about all the coping skills I used during times of stress in the lab all year as she would threaten not to help me, treat me in a condescending manner and in every way take advantage of her position of authority over me.

My concern is that this won't go over well either. I basically get along with just about everyone, but it might appear to some as if her hostility could be founded or that I am difficult to get along with and that's definitely something I don't want going through adcom's minds. I also can't say it's completely resolved and wonderful now. I'm just worried this could work against me. What do you think? Can this go over well or should I go with the high school challenge with a happy ending?

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