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Jul 1, 2015
Hey guys, so I'm heading into my Junior year at the University of Washington and wanted some advice on my chances for getting into the UWSOD as well finding what areas of my application need the most work on it. This is gonna be a pretty extensive post because I want to give as much information as possible in order to receive the best advice on my next course of action (I'm also going to meet with my pre-health advisor to talk about the same things)

Major: Double in Molecular, Cellular Developmental Bio/Microbio
Minor: Diversity

I did two years of Running Start in high school (where I attend community college to get credits). I got some science credits that way and I'm worried that those grades won't look as amazing since my University science grades aren't nearly as high....
I took the Gchem, Physics and Calc series there

CC cGPA: 3.59
CC sGPA: 3.56
UW cGPA: 3.38
UW sGPA: 3.11 (did poorly in intro Bio series + other science classes Freshman year)

Shadowing Hours: 120
Volunteer Hours: 400+
- although 280 of them came from this "PrepStep" program where I worked as sort of a Nursing Assistant's Assistant (mostly did this for patient interaction)
- Volunteer work is unrelated to dental field

President of my RSO (will be my third year in it)
Was part of a program called "UW Leaders"
Was an officer in another RSO previously
Did intramural sports (football, soccer)

Letters of Rec:
Have none yet but have plan for 2/3 of them
Can get one from dentist and a community member that knows me well
I've had a tough time getting to know my professors (fairly large classes) so is it better to befriend one this year and ask for one or should I reach out to one of my old ones?

DAT Scores:
Bio 21
GChem 24
OChem 23
PAT 27
RC 22
QR 21
TS 22
AA 22

Plans for the future:
Raise my GPA Obviously
Be more involved with UW's DDS club + maybe become an officer if I really like it
Volunteer at a dental clinic? (this would probably be with the DDS club)
Go on a mission trip to Vietnam (there is a club that does this and I want to join)
Get involved with research (I randomly talked to a person who said they taught at UWSOD and that person told me UWSOD values research)
Do a **** ton of mock interviews

I won't be applying until June of next year but I would like some tips in areas to strengthen my resume before applying. Thanks again everyone for the feedback!
Feb 19, 2014
I would recommend applying as early as possible, your GPA and DAT looks real good. Focus on having a strong Personal Statement and just kill the interview. Dont worry man you got it!


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Jun 4, 2015
I would also suggest that you volunteer for Neighborcare dental clinics like 45th homekess youth clinic. UW has a strong affiliation with this organization and that will look really good on your application. Good luck