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Dec 5, 2008
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Hello all. I am an '06 grad that took the September MCAT (32o, 11/11/10). My undergrad GPA was 3.96 as a natural resource biology major. I have good recommendations but almost no medical experience. I did however overcome severe ulcerative colitis and also a total colectomy which is the reason I'm interested in medicine and which I talked about in my personal statement. I was just curious if I have any chance for an '09 acceptance. I havent' heard back from any of the schools I've applied to. I'm very worried that my lack of medical experience and late application will hurt me.


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Apr 4, 2007
There's always a chance of admission, as your stats are very good. A rare school might consider your personal interaction with the medical system as "clinical experience", but I suspect that most will not (might depend on the tale you tell in the Personal Statement). Consider getting started in some medically-related volunteer work immediately so you can send update letters to your schools about it, and satisfy concerns they might have. Maybe this will make a difference. At worst, you'll have something in progress that is important to list in the next application cycle. Also desirable would be shadowing some docs. Hopefully you have other volunteer work to mention, as a history of service to others is generally important to show your altruistic side to adcomms. A demonstration of leadership and teamwork is also needed. Research is the final desirable component. Though not required, it does get you consideration from more schools. Good Luck.


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Aug 8, 2006
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As always Mobius hits the nail on the head. Your stats are great, and if acceptances were granted on the basis of numbers alone you'd probably be a shoe in somewhere. However, there are other important factors as well such as extracurriculars, state of residence, where you applied to, how early you applied, quality of letters of rec, etc. Perhaps if you could give the whole picture you'd get a little more advice, but I think the primary deficiency in your application seems to be a lack of volunteer experience, clinical or otherwise. If you want to have a chance both this year and next you need to get started NOW so you can both have something to include in update letters and have a greater level of continuity in volunteering (6 or 7 months vs. 3) should you have to apply again.
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