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Jul 26, 2011
Could anyone provide insight as to what my chances are for getting into a school late in the cycle? By the time I write my personal statement and my transcripts get to AACOMAS, it will be September, so I will likely not be "complete" at each school until late October.

-taking the MCAT 8/5, sorry to have only an approximation, but I'm predicting a 28-31 based on practice.
-AACOMAS sGPA 3.59, cGPA 3.50
-1 year full-time research experience, under an NP for the most part
-1 1/2 years full-time AmeriCorp volunteer at community health center (where I also shadowed an MD and a PA for a few months each, but only one day a week so I don't think this is that significant)
-plans to start shadowing a DO soon and to take biochemistry
LOR's from o-chem professor, CEO of community health center, and MD. Could possibly get a DO letter from who I will be shadowing.

Looking to apply to:


Thank you for your input everyone!
Mar 31, 2010
Medical Student
I think you definitely have a shot with your gpa and your projected MCAT. I applied in October-November, and got several interviews. DO schools generally have a longer time frame for what is considered "early". What is your state of residence? I know PCOM is slightly regionally biased, as well as NYCOM, but I think if you get towards the upper end of your projected MCAT you would definitely be competitive for any DO school in the country.
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