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Do I have a good shot?

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Apr 9, 2016
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Hey everyone,
I wanted to post this on the PA forum website but it won't let me register -_- maybe someone here can help.

I'm a junior in my undergrad preparing to apply end of May. I've got about 15 hours shadowing a PA in oculoplastics, 20 shadowing a PA in interventional radiology, 30 shadowing a GI doc, and will have about 20 shadowing an internal med chief executive officer MD, and am looking to shadow a PA in oncology for about 20 more (these are either completed or will be before I apply), totaling about 100 hours. I've got volunteering experience as an HIV rapid blood tester and I just started with the ACS driving cancer patients to their appointments. My CGPA should be a 3.78 after this semester, I withdrew from a theater class I was in (because it was ridiculously hard for a 100 level class and I was about to get a C) and got a C+ (my own fault) in honors calc 2 last year. As far as pre-reqs, I'm either gonna end up with an A- in ochem or B+ at the very least, and I got a B+ in gen chem (my own fault for slacking) the rest of my pre-reqs I've gotten As. I should have 3.8-3.9 science GPA, pre-req GPA should be similar. I've got about 3,000 patient care hours as an STNA at nursing homes for my first year in college and at the hospital this past year (I'm graduating a year early). I'm working on getting a clinical tech position (they can do blood draws, IVs, etc) at main campus but I probably won't be considered until June because you have to be there for a year for a job transfer. I'm on the judicial board at school as well as a member of our wellness group, and I was on the freshman class council. And I'll be doing research for credit next fall and spring (this absolutely has to be done or they won't let me graduate, so I'll know what my project is before I apply and hopefully will be able to mark it down/talk about it during my interview). I'm currently involved in a cool research project (founding member) involving stress and virtual memory (we're writing the IRB approval currently, will definitely have it done by May). Finally, I'm doing a program at work (I work for the Cleveland Clinic), me and another girl I work with (also Pre-PA) will be mentoring a high school student and presenting them with a research question they will work with us all summer to investigate (the high school student is paid for this) should we get approval (but I think we will!), it's kind of like an internship for the student.

I think that's all my criteria. I really REALLY want to go to Tri-C's program, but I'm worried I won't get in....anyone that's familiar with the program knows how small the class size is and how large the pool of applicants is. They don't ask for the GRE or even require any kind of health care experience/shadowing. They just have that high GPA class average. So I'm not sure what else they're really looking for.

Is anyone actually in the program and is willing to share their criteria, or can share whether they think I have a good shot?

I'm also interested in Toledo, so if anyone went there I'd love to know about them as well.

Thanks guys.