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May 31, 2009
Hi, I'm a senior at a Virginia State school, biology major, and was wondering what my chances would be. I plan on taking next year off to do some research and will take my mcat this coming semester/summer. I have consistently gotten about one or two b's each semester, usually in science courses. My overall GPA is about a 3.728 and my science GPA is a 3.694. I plan on getting A's in my only two science courses next semester (my last semester in undergrad) to bring my science up to a 3.708. Next semester will be significantly lighter to focus on my courses.

I have about volunteering, shadowing, and leadership extracurriculars.

I was wondering what do you all think my chances would be of getting into VA state schools such as VCU or UVA? Also what mcat score should I aim for? (aside from the best score I can possibly get).

Thank you so much!


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Sep 4, 2006
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In general, your cGPA and BCPM are above the medians for those accepted to AMCAS schools, so you're in good shape.

Median acceptee stats from the MSAR give you an idea of how you stand relative to those already attending:
EVMS, 3.6/31
VCU, 3.7/31
UVa, 3.8/35
(I don't have stats for VTech-Carilion, but I've heard it's probably similar to VCU.)

Stats of matriculants are often slightly lower that they are for acceptees.