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Nov 26, 2013
    Hello everyone, This is my first post! I would really appreciate KIND and HELPFUL feedback. I really need some advice!
    I am currently finishing up my BA in CSD at a Cal State, for the past year I had set my goal on SLP so naturally I focused my energy on getting good grades on SLP classes instead of audiology classes, the only bad thing is I have decided to pursue an AuD degree instead. I have taken all of the audiology classes that my CSU offers and these are my grades:
    Hearing Science: A
    Acoustics of Sp/H: B
    Audiology&Audiometry: A-
    Rehabilitative Audiology: B-
    I know these are horrible, did I already blow it? My GPA at the moment is 3.3 (i know its bad )
    I still need to take Anatomy/Phys of Speech Mechanism
    I am thinking if I get A's on both will it make a difference?
    I volunteered for a Speech camp this summer but I am not sure if it looks good on grad applications? What other extracurricular activities can I do? Do I still have a chance? What programs do you recommend I apply too? What can I do to give me application an extra edge? Is there a demand for bilingual AuDs? Any information on Audiology as a career is most helpful, especially If you are an Audiologist. Thank you all in advance! :)


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    Dec 4, 2013
    1. Rehab Sci Student
      My advice: switch back to SLP path or leave the field.

      It is not worth it. Apply the money and time you would spend to another endeavor. You could do multiple unpaid internships in a variety of fields and be much better off than you would be with an AuD degree.

      To expand a little bit more. There is no scope of practice and there will not be any more of one in the future. The work is rote and requires little in the way of skill, certainly does not take four years to learn the very limited scope of the field. Most of the courses are just fluff. What little there is of substance is often useless clinically.

      You would be better off spending a year prepping for a physicians assistant school and then becoming a PA (better pay, actual legit scope of practice). You would graduate sooner too.

      I speak from experience. I am in a highly-rated program that I will be leaving at the end of the semester. I finally woke up and saw the giant gap between what you learn and what you practice. Then I realized I need to do something better, something bigger than perform hearing tests and sell hearing aids.

      Take my comments with however big a grain a salt you want, but I caution you before committing. It took me two years to realize my mistake. Still, I am glad it didn't take me a moment longer.

      Way better to be an SLP. Less school, same or better pay, and a greater ability to positively impact people's lives.
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