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Jul 26, 2016
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I am pretty sure there are other threads out there about CASPer, but not sure if their are any in the re-applicant forum. I just thought I would open up a thread so we can share our experiences with CASPer.

*Tiny note beforehand - I am not actually sure about the privacy/content laws regarding CASPer questions, so I am going to stick with describing "questions types" rather than specific prompts. Since CASPer does not have us signing any kind of "content agreement," I am hoping this is okay.

So - CASPer is relatively new to the US, only debuting last year in 2015, though it has a slightly longer use in Canada. I actually took CASPer last year, and, again, this year, and I couldn't help but be a bit shocked by the differences. Last year's questions were like the sample test that they put up on the website - largely everyday, normal scenarios that you as a college student/graduate would probably have faced at some point. Mostly, they were detailing the scenarios through the videos and prompts, and asking what you would do in such a situation.

This year, I noticed a pretty big shift. There was a strong emphasis on examinees detailing their own ethical scenarios (which take more time than just responding about scenarios that are set up). Secondly, I noticed that although they said "everyday scenarios," they included specific medical ethics questions (which I was prepared for, just not from CASPer) which placed you in the role of a health professional. I am not sure how "everyday" being a pgy-2 resident is. Does anyone know if CASPer is used by another programs besides medical school admissions?

I'm curious - how were other people's experiences? Did anyone notice these changes, too, or was this, maybe, my specific test?
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Nov 29, 2013
It could have just been the variation among the different versions of the test. CASPer has always focused on assessing a broad range of professional and personal characteristics including ethical scenarios. The scenarios/videos are not meant to just deal with normal everyday situations. The version you describe seems very behavioral descriptive which falls along the lines of CASPer.

CASPer is used in nursing school admissions, pharmacy school admissions and optometry school admissions in addition to medical school admissions.
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