1. LindaAccepted

    Medical The Casper Exam: A Situational Judgement Test

    GPAs. MCATs. CARS. AACOMAS. AMCAS. PREview. The abbreviations and acronyms you need to wade through on your journey to medical school can seem endless. Here’s another one: the Computer-based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics – Casper for short. This situational judgment test (SJT)...
  2. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #55

    You are a local police officer in the town of Brightonville. A group of teens started a local charity event for the local hospital. The event takes place on private property, and the owner has called you to report the teens. How much would you fine the teens for trespassing private property...
  3. Mr.Smile12

    SURVEY OPEN: SJT Experience Survey 2023

    [Reposting with a call for more PREview takers!] Complete the 2023 Situational Judgment Test Experience survey. HPSA/SDN has the 2023 SJT Experience Survey available to anyone preparing for SJTs (especially Casper and PREview). If you completed the 2022 survey, you are welcome to go ahead and...
  4. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #54

    Charlie's brother wanted to set up a lemonade stand outside their house to raise money for the local children's hospital. Charlie is worried that selling food/drinks without official permits may get his brother in trouble. He expresses his worries to his brother, who replies with, "I'm just 16...
  5. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #53

    You are on your way downtown to take your final exam. When you drive to the local subway station, you realize that the parking lot is full. It's mid-day, the roads are full of traffic jams, and the only way to get downtown in time is to park your car on one of the side-streets next to the subway...
  6. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #52

    You are currently taking your final history exam of the year when you suddenly realize that you forgot to take out your study notes from your pencil case. An invigilator notices the notes and immediately reports to the professor. You end up failing the exam and the course. What are you going...
  7. tropicalcatfish

    Will 2nd Quartile hurt my chances?

    Hi all, this is my second ever time doing the Casper test and unfortunately, this time I scored 2nd quartile. I found the prompts difficult and hard to follow so I'm not surprised I scored the way I did. Right now I'm worrying about how it will look on my application. My GPA isn't the greatest...
  8. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #51

    Sarah is a grocery store manager. One of her employees, George, has been under-performing from the very beginning. He is constantly late, misses shifts, and has been slacking in completing his required tasks. Sarah decided to let him go as an employee. Should Sarah break the news to him, or...
  9. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #50

    Your best friend, Michelle, is a marathon runner and has been training for the past 12 months to participate in a national marathon. The top 10 winners of the marathon will win $100,000 each. Michelle has just confessed to you that she is using performance-enhancing drugs to improve her...
  10. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #49

    John is a bus driver for the City of Funtown. The Funtown laws prohibit passengers from riding the bus without paying for their tickets. John can get in trouble if he lets passengers ride without paying. One day, an elderly lady boards the bus and tells John that she forgot her wallet at home...
  11. Acuity Insights

    Casper SJT Information for Medical School Admissions

    Hello, aspiring medical school applicants! Before you begin your applications for this year, we want to remind you that many programs and institutions now require the Casper SJT for the 2023/2024 admissions cycle. To help ensure you are ready, we would like to provide you with some information...
  12. A

    Retaking the AAMC Preview Test? Also do I need to retake the CASPER?

    Hello, sorry if this question was asked before, but I was wondering if there is any merit in retaking a prereview test from 6/8/21 as I am planning on applying for the 2024 cycle. Also was wondering if I need to retake the casper since I took it in 2021 The percentile rank effective date is...
  13. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #48

    Richard has just discovered that his chemistry teacher has been getting her test questions from an online database (that also contains answers and full solutions). Jessica, Richard's friend, is really struggling in the class. Should Richard tell Jessica about the database? Should Richard...
  14. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #47

    Many university students reflected back on their high school education and realized it was focused too much on "useless" topics like the quadratic formula while not being focused on "useful" topics like personal finance. Do you agree that there were a lot of "useless" topics taught in high...
  15. A

    Next Steps/ Guidance

    Hello, I am currently prepping secondaries, finished my MCAT and have my schools list sorted out. What are some other things I can do during the month of april in order to get ahead of the application proccess? Should I be scheduling CASPER or the AAMC prep exam? Ty!!
  16. Mr.Smile12

    2023-2024 AMCAS list of schools and their SJTs

    Newly released is a preliminary table of all AMCAS programs and their use of SJTs this cycle. This list may be updated at the discretion of AAMC.
  17. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #46

    You are a TA grading a student's oral biochemistry presentation, along with two other TAs. Halfway through their presentation, a student has an anxiety attack and cannot continue. You see that one of the other TA's has given this student a low grade. Is this TA being fair? Should you intervene...
  18. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #45

    While having lunch with your friend, Natalie, you notice that she is not eating very much. You also observe she has lost weight since you saw her last month. You suspect she has an eating disorder. What are the ethics of this situation? Natalie tells you not to get involved; what should you do...
  19. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #44

    Your company installs kitchen cabinets. Mrs. Robinson calls you one day saying that one of your workers was sick while working in her house. This worker infected the entire family. What do you say to Mrs. Robinson? Who, if anyone, is at fault? Should you charge clients higher costs if you start...
  20. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #43

    You are skiing in the mountains and the snow is starting to get heavy. You decide to head back to the lodge when you think you hear a cry for help in the distance. The snow is falling hard and in about 20 minutes you will no longer be able to see where the ski lodge is. Should you investigate...
  21. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #42

    You have just finished a long shift at your job as a cashier in a grocery store. Your co-worker Tyler takes over for you. There is a long line forming and several people have full carts. Tyler begs you to stay and help him, saying that your manager will be mad at him if he performs slowly...
  22. R

    Casper Error - October 13 2022 Test

    I took the Casper exam on Oct 13 and got this email below. Any thoughts on how this may affect scores? Could this be beneficial or hurt our scores? ----------- Hello, You are receiving this message because you recently completed a Casper test on October 13th, 2022 at 5:00 pm EDT. An error in...
  23. ApplyPoint

    Let’s Talk About CASPer. Medical School Admissions

    To gauge an applicant’s ability to critically evaluate a complex scenario and employ sound judgment and effective communication skills, a growing number of allopathic medical schools (currently, more than 40) have turned to CASPer. What in the world is CASPer? CASPer (Computer-based...
  24. Mr.Smile12

    HPSA/SDN Situational Judgment Assessment Poll

    Hi everyone, I wanted to make sure we included as many professions as we could to complete our survey on situational judgment assessments during admissions or possibly residency/job placement. We have a post in our Casper/SJT forum, and we are including experiences with Kira Talent, SortSmart...
  25. Mr.Smile12

    HPSA/SDN Situational Judgment Assessment Poll

    Hi everyone, I wanted to make sure we included as many professions as we could to complete our survey on situational judgment assessments during admissions or possibly residency/job placement. We have a post in our Casper/SJT forum, and we are including experiences with Kira Talent, SortSmart...
  26. M

    Casper: Medical School Report

    What do medical schools actually see when they receive a student's casper report? I've been told that they can view more than a student's quartile, but what are the details of this (can they read exact responses, etc.)? Thanks!
  27. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #41

    Blood donations have fallen in the past year. One day on campus, a blood donation volunteer approaches your friend and you asking if you would like to donate blood. Your friend declines, saying that he is anemic (even though you suspect he is lying). Do you believe you should say anything? What...
  28. K

    How does secondary essay processing work? How long does it take?

    I'm taking my Casper on August 11th (tomorrow) and since Casper takes 2-3 weeks to process and be sent to schools, I was contemplating just submitting the secondary essays for both AMCAS and TMDSAS after Casper gets sent out. I don't see the point of submitting the secondary essays before...
  29. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #40

    You work at a hospital, where you are in charge of loaning wheelchairs to patients for use in the hospital. A man with no visible physical disability takes the last one. What are your thoughts on the man's actions? Should you intervene? How can society be more inclusive to disabled people...
  30. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #39

    You volunteer at the hospital as a porter. Your role involves taking patients to and from their rooms. A nurse calls you and asks you to bring a wheelchair to a patient's room and take him to his appointment in another part of the hospital. When you arrive, the patient stays cursing at you and...
  31. C

    CASPer Prep Group

    Hey applicants! Anyone taking the CASPer this cycle want to practice together? Reply or PM. Good luck everyone!
  32. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #38

    You are doing your teaching practicum and you have been assigned an elementary school to teach at. Another teacher in-training asks you to switch schools with her because it is more convenient for her and her children. What factors should you consider before making a decision? Is it fair that...
  33. GettinAfterIt

    Just finished CASPER and Altus Suite - I did horrible on Snapshot

    I went ahead and did Snapshot, even though I didn't prepare for it. I definitely blew it on a couple questions and ended up rambling about nothing. My question: do all schools that require Casper LOOK at Snapshot too, even if they don't require it? Did I just shoot myself in the foot by doing...
  34. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #37

    You are a member of your University swim team. Gina, another member, has formed a group chat with everyone on the team, except the captain, Taylor. Gina posts several negative sentiments about Taylor, including one that accuses Taylor of taking drugs to enhance their performance. You believe...
  35. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #36

    You have been promoted to assistant manager at a publishing company. Recently, your boss has been taking long lunch hours and leaving early, leaving you to do your work and theirs. How should you talk to your boss? Your boss says that your job is to help them with their tasks. Are they taking...
  36. Mr.Smile12

    HPSA/SDN article archive

    HPSA/SDN Resources/Articles for preparing for Casper/Altus Suite 1) Casper Test 101: What Casper is and How to Prepare in 2022 - SDN 2) From the Creators of CASPer: What You Need to Know About the CASPer Test - SDN 3) How to Prepare For Any CASPer Test Scenario - SDN 4) CASPer for Medical...
  37. Mr.Smile12

    2022-2023 US health professional programs requiring Altus

    Here is a list of US professional school programs that require Altus exams (accessed May 9, 2022). Refer to the TakeAltus website for an overview for applicants (March 7, 2022), registration, and requesting accommodations. [Directory of universities by nation then program.]...
  38. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #35

    You have just started working at a coffee house. During rush hour, a customer orders sugar-free iced tea. You observe your colleague handing them a regular iced tea. Is this situation harmless? When you ask your colleague, they shrug it off saying the customer probably won't notice. Should you...
  39. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #34

    You have saved up money for weeks and are able to purchase a large bag of groceries to donate to the Food Bank. Proud of your accomplishment, you take a photo of your donation and post it on Instagram. Your friend, Elizabeth, posts a public statement that people shouldn't brag about donating to...
  40. P

    CASPer Scenario For Discussion #33

    You work for a company that provides entertainment for children's parties. Your boss asks you to wear a Native American costume as part of the entertainment show. You are not Native American and are uncomfortable doing so. How do you handle this situation with your boss? Your boss respects your...