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I think this may be old news but I thought I would post it anyway...if you are like me and having a hard time finding information on pathology programs, try They have lots of info on (almost) all the programs in the country. Also, you can get a hard copy of their directory listings, which is about 650 pages or so, for only $8 (with a pathologist's co-signature) While most of the info is on the website, its nice to have a copy in hard to flip through. The information provided gives you a general sense of how big the program is, how many residents, how many specimens per year, etc...It also gives you contact information, how to apply, if they use ERAS, and if they participate in NRMP. The site/directory also provides similar information about fellowship programs if this is factoring into your thinking for residency selection. I find it convenient to have all of this info in one resource. Hope this helps some of you would be pathologists...

btw...I also found the frieda site helpful but not as comprehensive (and I believe it is not updated very regularly)

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Cool website, but outdated! I think that its a great resource though!

Thanks for the link.
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