Apr 26, 2009
Medical Student
Anyone have firsthand information about this program?

More along the lines of what kind of culture the residency program is run with, how the residents get along with one another, how the attendings are, etc.



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Apr 23, 2004
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My experience is limited...I interviewed there, and a couple of attendings at my current institution trained there. But for what it's worth:

I thought that the residents seemed very happy (and were good friends with each other since many of them lived in the same "dorm") and that the attendings were very down-to-earth and approachable.

I had some concerns about the physical building, because they were putting up a new hospital (which looked great), but then had to put it on hold? This is 2 years ago.

Other than that, it seemed like a fantastic place. And those attendings I mentioned also both loved it and probably wish they were back in sunny LA when they're trudging through our swamp-like summers.