CHLA Opinions?

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Feb 14, 2005
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I’m making my rank list and I’m thinking of ranking CHLA first (over rainbow :thumbup: , chop :eek: , Cincinnati :sleep: , ucla :confused: , pitt :scared: , dallas :horns: , Baylor :wow: and some others). I’m not from the west coast so even though I’ve visited CHLA twice, I really wanted some input from people who know the program (students there, residents, interviewees, actually anybody). Please let me know what y’all think about CHLA! :)

PS sorry for the smilie abuse.

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Hi Pedsguy,

I rotated at CHLA (also USC, CHOC, UCSF-Fresno) and I loved it. It is a very intense, tertiary care center, but the pathology is pretty amazing. All of my attendings were very nice (as most peds are), and tons of lectures. I think the CHLA residents are some of the brightest I have met, and there seems to be good comradrie there as well. Big program, 27 per class. They do have one of the toughest call schedules of most peds programs, q 4 for 8-9 months, but their board passing rate has been 100% x 5 years! Their big selling point for me is the paperless system! It is so much more efficient not having to hunt for the chart, or having to decipher the consultant's recommendations. It is a pretty tough residency program, but I think the pros outweigh the cons. I think a misconception is that at CHLA, they only see very involved children, not alot of bread and butter peds, but it just depends on which rotation you are on. I think I would rather feel more comfortable managing complicated kids then bread and butter peds (which I think you get enough of anyway).

Good luck and you can PM me if you have anymore questions. Maybe I'll see you there next year (I am ranking them #1 too)!

Tu Es Loca! :p
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Why the "eeek" for CHOP?

I didn't interview at CHLA, but my brother-in-law is from southern CA and he hates LA. Another friend is at Cedar Sinai in surgery and likes it.
I'm a southern guy but absolutely loved chla...and would prob. rank it first if I didn't early match elsewhere for pedineuro. seems like the training there is excellent, plus you can wear a Hawaiian shirt on fridays...what else could you ask for? good luck.
Thanks for the input guys. I had a feeling when I went to CHLA that it was the place for me, the positives out weighed the negatives. The residents worked very hard but seemed incredibly intelligent and seemed to work (and play) very well together. These factors are so much more important to me than all the little things about a program. My only reluctance was never living in LA and my not knowing much about the program before i visited. Good luck to everyone in the match and remember that no matter were you go pediatrics is about the kids and kids are the same everywhere!

PS: After match day and the partying has died down, lets all try to come back here and met up with our future colleagues ( ie “I’m going to Hospital X for residency” this is a little about myself “blah blah blah” “Who else is going to Hospital X?”)