Choosing a new third most meaningful experience

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Mar 19, 2023
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Hello! I am STILL on the Belmont Frist waitlist for the class of 2028. I am preparing to submit my application at the end of May/beginning of June and am debating changing one of my most meaningful experiences. Last cycle, I chose:

* Mental Health Worker (Clinical)
* Crisis Residential Assistant (Clinical)

And the one I'm considering changing out for a new most meaningful experience:

* Shadowing - I chose as the most meaningful because I shadowed psychiatrists during evaluations of patients at our facility. It was not the passive watch the doctors do their thing - I had more of an active role. I actually like my description and feel like it conveyed my experience in the field of psychiatry...However, it is still a shadowing experience and I would like my application to show more than just psych, psych, psych.

I am considering the following activities below as the most meaningful. Both of which have been incredibly meaningful in my confirmation that I want to pursue medicine and help other people:

* Food closet: where I help the homeless/low income in recieving food, doing laundry, getting hygiene supplies.

* Emergency department volunteer: where I did a plethora of tasks, but the most important aspect being me confirming that I want to pursue medicine/enjoy being in the hospital.

What are your thoughts on choosing a new MME?

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I really don't think your MME choice will have any substantial impact on your application or likelihood of being interviewed/accepted. Other than noticing perhaps that none of an applicant's MMEs are clinical, which really doesn't move the needle for me unless there is other evidence of lack of clinical experience/understanding of the career field, I have never really paid attention to what folks are choosing as their MMEs. Pick whatever feels right to you.
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Either of those two activities is fine.
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