Do you have any tips for quantiative reasoning? So far I am scoring abysmally. I have tried to do everything the lippincott manual says. It will throw my whole OAT...I'm freaking out here.


I wish, just for once, that I could do math. Math has been my biggest weakness for as long as I can remember. I do everything I can to try and solve my math issues. I do tons of practice problems, I've had private tutoring, I've had extensive peer tutoring. I've had weekly meetings with professors for two hours each time during math classes.

Why CAN'T I DO IT!!!
I try so hard
Please please please don't let this be between me and ICO:eek:


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Jun 13, 2001
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The quantitative section can be difficult, b/c the limited time for that section. I would just recommend that when it comes time for the test, first do all the problems you can do (esp the short ones). Then when you have extra time, try to work out the word problems.

Just keep doing problems over and over again. Work on the problems without using a calculator (since you are not allowed to use one for the exam).

You'll be alright, just try your best! :)
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Apr 25, 2001
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Christie gave a great piece of advice. Go through the test and pick out all the short easy questions. The test isn't scaled.. you don't get extra points for doing the questions in order. Do the easy ones FIRST! Then go back and tackle the harder ones if you have time. And remember.. there's no punishment for guessing.. so if you've got one minute left.. bubble in your designated guess answer (mine was B) for everything you haven't gotten to yet. You're bound to pick up at least two or three more points that way. Who knows those extra guesses might be the difference between 320 and 330. Good luck! All I can say now is practice practice practice!


Thanks everyone,..
I'm just having low self esteem time.
I did a bio TOPSCORE this morning--330 without a lick of studying. At least I can do something right.

Thanks again.
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