Mar 31, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hi SDN, I've been a longtime lurker and now that I'm gearing up to apply in the 2021 cycle, I had a couple questions that I was hoping some of you might know more about. I've been looking around at the math requirements for potential schools I would be applying to (via this link:, and noticed that some schools require collegiate-level math while some schools require specifically 1 semester of calculus or 1 semester of stats, or both.

I'm on a quarter system with no pre-medical advisor, so it's been confusing trying to decipher how quarter credits translate to semester credits. Thus far, I've taken two statistics courses, one multivariable calculus course, and one linear algebra course. I was wondering if this was sufficient to cover my bases with schools like JHU. I am worried that one quarter of multivar. calculus wouldn't satisfy 1 semester of calculus. In addition, would linear algebra not apply to these schools specifically asking for a semester of calculus?

Any clarification would be extremely helpful -- thank you!

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