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Class Rankings

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by eschou01, Oct 3, 2001.

  1. eschou01

    eschou01 Member

    Aug 15, 2001
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    Hello everyone,

    Some of my friends and I who are applying to dental school this year were debating Ivy League schools and class rankings, and I was wondering if anyone else had any input on this subject:

    Although I have no idea of what I want to do after graduation from dental school, I still want to keep my options open. As such, I am curious about specializations. Some of my friends have said that post-graduate programs place a lot of emphasis on where you did your DMD/DDS, while others have said that class rankings are more important. I realize that there are several factors to consider when choosing a dental school (i.e location, price, facilities, etc.), but, all things being equal, is it better to graduate at the top of your class at a "less-competitive" dental school or above average at a "more-competitive"/Ivy League school?

    As you can probably tell, I am pretty confused, as this could be a big career decision. If class rankings are the main determinant for specialization programs, then should I just go to a "mediocre" school where I can be sure to graduate highly in the class? Or should I look for a more challenging program and not worry about the class rankings?

    Like I said, I am simply looking to keep my options open. I also have interests in research and academia. I would really appreciate any info. from anyone has any thoughts on this matter. Thanks in advance!

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  3. waiting

    waiting Senior Member

    Jul 9, 2001
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    class rankings are very important, yes, but so are your boards scores which will stand out independent of where you went to school....from everything I've heard from current dental students, going to a mediocre/good school and finishing at or near the top is just as good as finishing above avg./top of a more 'elite,' $ school....I have also heard a couple horror stories though of people who went to less competitive schools, did very well, but didn't place Anywhere for specialties.....

    You also mentioned you're interested in academia/research. If so, then you are definitely better off going to a 'name-brand' school as most academica positions are very high on that....Personally, I'm planning on going into OMS and am leaning towards solid, research-heavy state schools (UNC, UConn, Michigan, etc.) over the 'logo' ones (Penn, Columbia, Tufts, etc.). Cost is one factor plus student size, atmosphere, location, etc. I know that I'm going to perform best in the atmosphere I'm most comfortable in and right now my primary objective is to determine where that is.....

    good luck!

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