Apr 1, 2016
Medical Student
I'm a foreign medical student looking to do a 4-week elective in the US this summer, mainly to gain some experience of the US healthcare system but also to spend more time in my specialty of interest in a different environment.
I was recently accepted for a clinical elective at the NIH, which I'm really excited about. I know the NIH is very subspecialised and the patients there have rarer conditions or are being treated under research protocols. So I'm just wondering, in the event I apply for a residency in the US in the future, would it be better for me to do the NIH elective, or should I instead gain my US clinical experience in a more 'normal' hospital setting?
I'd really appreciate any thoughts and advice :)


2+ Year Member
Feb 9, 2018
Medical Student
I see that not a lot of people have something to say about an elective at NIH. I'm also planning to do one later this year.
Did you do your at NIH itself? If yes, which one did you do and how was it? Can I expect a good clinical letter from it?
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