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Oct 29, 2002
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I completed my first year of med school last year, which included an introductory clinical medicine course. I became ill over the summer and had to take a medical leave of absence for this year. I have now recovered from my illness and I am looking into doing research part time. I would like to spend some time getting clinical experience as well--but having had only 1 year of med school, I feel like I am totally unprepared for any clinical work. I am really interested in neurology and I would love to learn more about this specialty, but I do not know how to go about doing that. I want to do more than just observe docs in action--I really want to contribute, I want to help patients, and I want to learn. I just do not know what I can do with so little medical training. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Jun 3, 1999
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Neurology is something of a unique field because even with your somewhat limited knowledge of clinical medicine, you can do a lot if you know your neuroanatomy and neuroscience. If you took these courses as a first-year, I'm sure there's some neurologist at your school who's doing some clinical project where patients need to be neurologically evaluated on a daily basis. Ask around at your institution.

Interestingly enough, as a first-year with a very fresh knowledge of neuroanatomy and neuroscience, you'd probably outshine some of the more senior students on the neurologic exam. :) I'm a fourth-year and just started my neuro CLERKSHIP (third-year rotation) a couple of days ago, and am struggling to remember any neuroanatomy.

Good luck.