clinicals in FL- Ross U.

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Sep 24, 2003
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Are students able to complete all required 3-4th year clinicals in FL? as well as scheduling outside rotations for elective?

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Unless you set up your own rotations then the answer is no. Ross doesn't have enough rotations for you to do everything in Florida though rumor has it negotiations are in swing to make Fl another Ross hotspot i.e. NYC, Chicago, Bakersfield
Ross is negotiating with a hospital in Orlando and also with USF for clinical spots.
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And, as it now stands, if you do your FP rotation at Larkin after 5th semester - the only Ross site currently active there, plan to still do a 4 week Sub-I at an ACGME site elsewhere. Otherwise, you might not get credit for it with some state licensing boards.

Just a few words to the wise.

the CEO the other stated that Larkin Hospital will be the only Hospital rotation available in the Miami area and does not expect that to change in the near future.

He also stated that the by out by DeVry would open doors for clinical rotations in Orlando and Tampa since DeVry board members have some influence in hospitals in those areas.
Hey Skip,

Larkin has a FM residency program...

plus we've been told by various Ross admin that it would be no prob doing a rotation there. Apparently all the tough states have been accepting Larkin for licensure.

Should be kosher, no?
its ACGME cert and I think Florida and Texas have a law that allows medical students to do rotations without having completed Step I (at least that is what the CEO made it sound like a few weeks ago).