Any Ross grads or M4 going through match? Looking for advice

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Jun 9, 2020
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I’m currently finishing my last week of M3, I did very average throughout basic sciences on the island. Currently through my cores I have B+ and the rest A.. just pending my last shelf score.

I have my electives lined up, mostly IM specialties; GI, EM, Med Sub I, ICU, Pulm scheduled so far. I secured a letter from the IM PD of the hospital I did my cores and plan to get the other LOR from my GI and Med subI electives. I have 2 research papers under review, hold 2 exec positions in OBGYN and IM interest groups as some volunteer activities which have plan to build on my resume.

My Step 1 was a Pass and Planning to take Step 2 at the end of April with the goal of a 245 minimum

My goal is to match IM, currently on the fence of applying to Psych, but I’ve been having a lot of anxiety lately. When I talked to the M4s I worked with throughout my cores, getting interviews it felt a bit surreal that this is happening a Ross grad can do it, we can get into residency. I know how silly that sounds, but I bring it up because it made me realize how much doubt I have about getting residency.

The funny thing is I don’t know exactly what advice to ask for, I feel like I’m just going through the motions, writing my personal statement, studying for step, looking up US-IMG friendly programs. But I feel like I’m reaching out and grabbing smoke. If there’s any advice or people you could recommend reaching out to I would appreciate it so much.

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You certainly can match in IM if you do well in the rest of your rotations and on Step 2. There are plenty of community programs that take Ross grads. Look at your last year’s match list to see what those programs are, and plan to do your 4th year electives at some of them. Good luck!
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While there's no 100% guarantee of a Match, from what you describe, you seem well positioned to Match. RUSM reported a 98% Match rate for 2022-23 grads. For big 3 Caribbean schools (RUSM, SGU, AUC), the concern is more one of ability to successfully complete the program given attrition rates. Once you have completed the program, published Match rates from the big 3 are not a lot different than for USMGs. As LunaOri said, target programs that accept IMGs and have a history of Matching RUSM grads and you should have a very good chance of Matching.
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