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Apr 17, 2018
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CNA class is 6 weeks and ~ $500.

Phlebotomy is 10 weeks and ~ $650.

The cost is so similar and the time isn’t an issue, as I have about 6 months before going back to college full time for my prerequisites. Both have about the same opportunity for employment, but I’d like to do part time to focus on my schooling.

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As someone who has worked as a CNA in a SNF (and not as a phlebotomist), I am biased towards CNA. In my area phlebotomists do make more money, however.

Depending on where you work as a CNA, the work can be physically and mentally tasking.

I appreciated the opportunity to work longitudinally with patients and their families and form close relationships with them. It was a learning experience in culturally competent care and being sensitive when exhausted and stressed.

The phlebotomists I worked with did less unglamorous work for more money but also tended to form weaker relationships with patients and their families.

This is just my experience. Mileage may vary.