1. D

    CNA vs MA vs Scribing

  2. W

    Gap Year Advice - Nursing Assistant (neuro vs trauma?)

    Hi everyone, I'm seeking more clinical experience during my gap year to prepare myself for medical school. Based on feedback from adcoms, I decided to apply for a Nursing Assistant position in a hospital to gain some valuable hands-on patient experience. I interviewed and received job offers...
  3. V

    How to break into clinical jobs when it's been a while...

    Hi guys, I'm a 3rd year undergrad that decided to commit to pre-med during the COVID lockdown. My clinical hours are basically nonexistent and I would like to change that but I'm not sure how to make myself a desirable applicant for clinical jobs again, or if I'm worrying too much. I underwent...
  4. S

    Advice! part-time EMT or CNA jobs (postbacc student)

    Hey all! First post here! I'm a career-changing/non-trad applicant. I graduated 2 years ago with a business degree and have since realized - through volunteering and shadowing - that medicine is the field I want to be in. I was working at a marketing firm and taking night classes until a...
  5. Perchperkins

    EMT vs CNA vs Medical Scribe vs PCA

    I’m on the premed track and I was considering being either an EMT, CNA, PCA or a scribe but I don’t know which one is best. I’ve heard mixed reviews for all of them but what are your thoughts?
  6. coconutts

    CNA or EMT?

    Hello everyone! I am currently a first-year undergrad student with desires to go to medical school. I was wondering if becoming a CNA or EMT will be valuable in terms of 1. Personal experience and 2. Application strength? Please let me know if either of these designations are worth pursuing...
  7. I

    How can I improve my application?

  8. M

    CNA Hours

    Hi, I currently work as a CNA. I was originally planning to only work as a CNA for a year and then quit, but I've grown to enjoy the job somewhat and know that commitment is viewed very heavily with medical schools. On this question of commitment though, as I go on in my university life and pick...
  9. I

    Struggling to Find Adequate Gap Year Job

    I have been having trouble finding an adequate job in my small(ish) town for my 2 gap years. The only positions available near me are CNAs. I've been hearing that people are getting rejected from medical schools because being a CNA, you don't work with physicians at all. For this reason I...
  10. J

    Am I doing this right? Insight needed please.

    Hello SDN. I am a pre-med biology major at the University of Central Arkansas. I am going into my second year of pre-med and would just like to run some stuff by all of you. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 1. I had a lot of dual credit in high school, so I decided to take a semester...
  11. J

    Am I doing this Right? Insight needed please.

    Hello SDN. I am a pre-med biology major at the University of Central Arkansas. I am going into my second year of pre-med and would just like to run some stuff by all of you. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 1. I had a lot of dual credit in high school, so I decided to take a semester...
  12. J

    Am I doing this right? Insight needed please.

    Hello SDN. I am a pre-med biology major at the University of Central Arkansas. I am going into my second year of pre-med and would just like to run some stuff by all of you. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 1. I had a lot of dual credit in high school, so I decided to take a semester...
  13. C

    CNA or Phlebotomy?

    CNA class is 6 weeks and ~ $500. Phlebotomy is 10 weeks and ~ $650. The cost is so similar and the time isn’t an issue, as I have about 6 months before going back to college full time for my prerequisites. Both have about the same opportunity for employment, but I’d like to do part time to...
  14. G

    Reach Schools? 3.83 cGPA 510 MCAT

  15. P

    What are my chances?

    Licensed embalmer/funeral director with a mortuary science degree, worked as a CNA at a hospital for two years, worked at a child/adolescent psychiatric hospital as a psych tech, volunteered for a rape victims hotline, 3.6 GPA in college with a Bio-Clinical sciences degree, and a 514 on the...
  16. P

    Waiter or CNA

    Hello to all. I am a first year pre-med student who will be at home for the summer in a few weeks. I have the opprotunity to take a waitering position that would be 5 days a week in the evenings. It pays very well with tips, and I could use to have a job that pays well as I live on my own and...
  17. J

    CNA- Is it a good option for surgical pre-med?

    I am currently a high school student who's state allows those 16 and above to become a CNA. I plan to become a surgeon, so would this be a good opportunity? Also, would it look better than say, simply volunteering at a hospital to colleges and medical schools?
  18. V

    CNA, Medical scrub and Surgical Technologist?

    Hello! I currently work as a CNA and a Medical Scrub in a local hospital. I have made connections and work under nurses and physicians. A lot of people in the hospital have said that those 2 jobs will help me a lot in my pre-med resume and to get ready to medical school, because of the 1-on-1...
  19. L

    CNA switch to EMT?

    So I'm currently a licensed CNA, i have been for about 2 1/2 years. I'm working on going back to school to find a better paying (and hopefully less physically demanding) job. I'm not gonna lie, my goal is to find a job i can enjoy and make decent money, but for the least amount of schooling...
  20. prewannabedrJack

    PCT hiring question

    What's up guys, Im trying to get a job as a ER PCT in the hospital I work at, I currently work in transport and I have my EMT which is required for the job, I also volunteered in the same ER for a year for over 300 hours. I submitted my application online a few weeks ago and I also emailed the...
  21. R

    Transfer Student: CNA vs Scribe?

    Hello! I recently transferred undergraduate colleges and I am currently a junior. I am looking to find a job close to school, but unsure of what job to look for. At my previous institution I was a CNA for about 6 months at a local nursing home. Because I transferred, I now have the option to...
  22. C

    Is working as a CNA enough HCE for PA school?

    I'm currently a biology major and I work as a CNA during the summers, which I've done for the last two years. As of now, I have probably 6-7 months of full-time experience. After next summer, I should have 9-10 months. My question is this: how many hours do I need to be COMPETITIVE for entry...
  23. KCraig

    Best job during a gap year?

  24. KCraig

    What are some ideas for my gap year?

  25. CalFree230

    CNA License for Pre-med

    How good would it look to med schools if a pre-med got a CNA certification and worked part time as a nurses assistant? Is it worth the hassle?
  26. Dust13

    What Class Should I Take?

    I am looking to start a career in the medical field this summer. I will be taking some classes, but I am unsure of where to start. My goal would be to work in the operating room as a surgeon. This is where it gets tricky for me so I would appreciate your advice. Should I take CNA classes? I...
  27. S

    Is my schedule realistic? Opinions on male cna for med school.

    Hello SDN members, It's my first time posting in the student doctor network board. I just graduated high school in June of this year, but I took some college classes and entered college in August with 64 credit hours so I am technically a junior. I go to UNC-Wilmington and my original plan was...
  28. 7

    Would becoming a CNA help me any?

    I'm a freshman in highschool. I've wanted to become a vet for as long as I could remember. Though my local Vo-Tech I can become a CNA over the course of 3 years and everything besides my uniform will be paid for by the school. I think this would be a good way to get some medical experience, and...
  29. Dr. Leo Spaceman

    What to do during application year?

    Hey everybody, I’m kind of struggling with what to do next year (2017-2018 school year). This upcoming fall, spring and summer I will finish all of my prerequisites, take the MCAT and submit my applications. I already have 100+ hours ER volunteering, 20+ hours shadowing, and 50+ hours...
  30. T

    Pre PA trying to get a CNA job

    Im looking to get hands on patient experience so I became certified as a CNA, but I cant seem to land job at a hospital. Been applying since the semester ended, but no bite at all. Should I volunteer at a hospital in the mean time? Any suggestions?
  31. M

    Is working as a CNA for 1 year enough?

    Hello! I hope to work as a CNA after I graduate from college, and I just wanted to know from those who have worked as a CNA before medical school if working for 1 year would be enough to expose me to this field of healthcare? If thinking of it in terms of hours, how many hours is sufficient? I...
  32. M

    Am I on the right track?

    Hello friends! It is the summer before my senior year of undergrad, and I just wanted to make sure I'm doing everything I can so as to stay on the path to getting into DO school (it's so easy to forget big things when you don't ask for second opinions :cat:) My background/future game plan: -I...
  33. P

    Columbus,Ohio: Mobile Nurse Aide Training Classes

    Prodoceo Health Become a certified health professional in 12 days Mobile Nurse Aide Training Classes - Become an STNA: state tested nurse aide - This certification will enable you to work in nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices. You can make up to $30K/year! - Pave the way for success in...
  34. Asclepius293

    Advice on Extracurriculars

    Hey everyone, Some Background: I'm taking my MCAT in May and applying this June for mostly DO schools. I am doing well GPA wise (3.8) but was hoping to get some insight on my extracurricular choices. So far I have: 600+ hours of non-medical volunteering (Taught english in China and to foreign...
  35. H

    PA School: "Unfinished" HCE at time of application?

    Hi I'm new here. I am pre-PA and on track to graduate from undergrad in one year from now (in December 2016). My plan was to become CNA certified this summer (of 2016), and start working full time in Jan 2017 after graduation. I would then take a gap 1.5 year and spend over a year working as a...
  36. prepremed18079

    Nursing Home Code Blue?!?!?!?!?

    I'm a High School Sophomore and also a CNA student. I start clinicals next week Friday, and for some reason all I been thinking about is what if one of my clients/residents starts to code? I am not yet CPR certified and we havn't gone over "Basic Emergency Care" yet... what is the protocol for a...
  37. Zembaphobia

    So is EMT/CNA employment actually a big deal?

    All the advisers at my university push students into not only getting certified but also working as one of the above. When we go through HSRC, they expect us to have done one of the following and count it against us if we don't. I did get CNA certification over my last winter break and then...