Cognition Course Categorized as Biology?

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Aug 18, 2012
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On my AADSAS application, I listed my "Introduction to Cognition" as a non-science class since it was in the psychology department at my university. However, AADSAS revised my application to categorize this class as a biology course. I'm not complaining since it adds a little bump to my science and BCP GPAs, but I'm wondering if dental schools will think of this as an error. Is it worth calling AADSAS to sort it out, or just let it lie?

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Nevermind, I saw that ADEA lists cognitive psychology as a biology course in their 2013-2014 course listings.
Wait, it counts towards science?! I assumed it didn't because its a psych class...
I already submitted my app but is there any way to change that afterwards?
If your course counts AADSAS will make the changes. I checked back & saw the edit even though I had categorized it as non-science myself.