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Apr 2, 2009
I registered for my classes today and am pursuing the field of dentistry. I wanted to know what you guys think about this. I only took 13 credit hours because I am just trying to get my feet wet the first semester. I plan on taking a summer classes next summer to make up the other 2 credit hours I need to be on pace to graduate on time. I am taking these classes at a local community college. For my first year, I plan on going there. My girlfriend's dad is a general dentist/orthodontist and he has two brothers that are oral surgeons and being around her family and the people that work in the profession everyday has been one of the main contributing factors if why I want to be a dentist. This is also a very good situation for me, just for the fact when I begin shadowing I will have options. I can shadow a general dentist and oral surgeons which will increase my knowledge and experience in the field before I actually do apply for dental school. Dentistry is a field that in which one gets to interact with people, something I love and actually help relieve pain/stress they have due to a toothache or what have you. Another aspect I would most definitely enjoy is being able to provide care to another person that boosts their self confidence. I realize how difficult and challenging this road will be, but am determined to do whatever it takes to succeed. Anyhow, I picked these classes out (just basics) let me know what you think about them and you can be honest. Also if you have any helpful tips, please share!

Bio I w/ Lab 4 Hrs
Eng 101 3 hrs
College Algebra 3 Hrs (Have to take this and trig before I can take calc at my school)
History from Revolutionary War to 1865 3 Hrs

***also I wanted to take a chem I class with a lab but the school doesnt provide it due to the lack of interest in our student body.
Thanks Michael