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Jul 20, 2008
Hey guys,
So, I just found out Ive been put on the "limited unranked alternate list" at Columbia. I am SO incredibly bummed...b/c its my #1 choice. BUT im not losing hope...wanted to post to ask if anyone knew what this status REALLY means?

Been trying to get through to admissions, can't yet. They explicity state this is "not a veiled rejection"...but is that true? I wonder if anyone with pre-December interviews has gotten a straight out rejection...or if everyone not accepted right now, was put on this list. In other words, how likely is it?...and, do they fill the ENTIRE class (85ish seats) before they look at this list? Or, do they start pulling people off it whenever they more like a "waitlist"?

So...yea - would be great to hear from current Columbia students, or interviewees who may know! MUCH APPRECIATED...

DONT GIVE UP HOPE, guys! (I'm not yet...keep up the positive attitude!!)