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Combank/Comquest and COMLEX 2 Scores

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Jul 12, 2013
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I thought we could get one of these threads going like the USMLE one and come up with a fancy graph and formula for us DO students.

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I've only collected 30 something data points from classmates and the last couple comlex score threads.

So far it's looking like the correlation between comlex score and combank/comquest % is very poor. Uworld looks to be a much better predictor of comlex performance, which I totally didn't expect to find.

I'm looking forward to getting more data points.

If you want to help out, post your info.

Comlex 2 score
Combank %
Comquest %
Uworld %
I think it's important to note whether a given qbank average was done throughout 3rd year or just before taking boards. I'm no stats whiz, but it seems to me that if you are around upper 60s for uworld % or around 80% for combank and comquest, you should be breaking 600 in COMLEX. Good idea though. This is exactly why I try to post my info, since that's the kind of info I always looked for to help me gauge my preparedness.
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I have another 40 data points from classmates, over 70 total.

Comlex & Combank R-squared = .188

This a HUGE difference from the .789 correlation between USMLE and Uworld from the 100 case sticky.
Comlex is usmle's druggy brother who the family is ashamed of but can't get rid of. Very glad to have improved on my comsae by 600 points on 1 and 650 on 2. Both comsae c. My school paid for them and will see my 50 and 9, it's going to throw off some data points.
COMBANK 72% (over the course of a month of studying (started ~45% on each set, up to 80-85% prior to test day)

Moar data, pplz!