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Feb 16, 2005
Is anyone starting to think about COMLEX I yet. If so, lets think about getting a thread going. I got some great advice from third-years about what to study and they all say to begin early. What is everyone using to study this year? Has anyone heard about stratagies that really work. I want to do srugery so I know my score has to be good.

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Jul 4, 2001
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The best indicator, in my opinion, of how you will do on COMLEX is how hard you study for and perform in your courses in medical school. At MSUCOM, we are given the month of May off to study for the exam in June and besides some OMT, basic micro, and pharm review, the majority of what I encountered on the exam were things that I had remembered learning in class. I'm not saying not to study, because that is very important. But, if you went to class and did fairly well on your coursework, you shouldn't have a problem.

I recommend studying with a systems approach. Going through the body system by system and studying anatomy, phys, path, pharm of that particular system, etc. Make flashcards or charts/tables, etc. because that way you will be actively studying and not just trying to memorize or remember vast amounts of material. Use mneumonics or other study tricks such as listening to CDs or tapes with board prep material on them. I did a lot of driving so listening to my board review on CD was a great way to study without reading. Don't spend too much time in any one area, and review OMT last so it sticks in your head. Those are easy points!

Hope this helps some.