comments for HICP Students.

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Feb 4, 2005
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I heard from several mature students not trolls (John was wrong about that, only ½ are trolls) from HICP, UCI, and other CA pharmacists. HICP Students said their assistant dean, the Lady one is lack of skills. She (assistant dean) said she can find them rotation sites in California, because 90 % of students from California. How could she accomplish that? Does she know that she have to compete with 6 other challenging California schools plus some out of states institute that has some connection with some individual hospital due to the connection thought his/her school? Just for curiosity, a Does HICP assistant dean (the lady one) has experiences enough in the clinical hospital teaching environment? Or Residency experiences, or is she up-to-date at her state, Hawaii licenses?
Also about introducing about HICP @ UCI. UCI students ask her questions she can’t answer it right. It was so lame at that time for her. What she has done at UCI was so embarrassing for her title as Assistant Dean. As far of my research HICP has her in charge of finding rotation sites is going to make more embarrassing promises for the students at HICP. What she presented at UCI and said “I will get back to you on that one later, then or she ignores that question” she could only do that to her previous jobs as she indicates as industrial sales? That LADY ASSISTANT Dean @ HICP is lack of everything. How could she be a part of the team to represent the school to the ACPE in June2005? Just curiosity for John_HICP. As a white guy, you should be notice that, or even everyone at yours school should know that. I am the one that have a lot of TLC 4 HICP. That’s why I kept doing this for yours school, John. Would you send that message to all of yours assistant dean & make sure that my feedback on that is right or wrong. Yours dean and other 3 assistant dean have done a great outstanding work at the ACPE meeting. However, that lady assistant dean need work few more years in California hospital environment to update hers skill, and learn what is going on with these hospitals and what Western University Health Sciences School of Pharmacy did on their first opening year. Does yours lady assistant dean has ¼ of that skill to perform at these challenging institute (HICP)?

About student loan for next year, How could students pay for it? Mr Cliff Park? or the new finance guy? or yours parents home equity line of credit have to withdraw again. could Mr Cliff Park, Director of finance operation, is just simply like a Honda Civic racing dude on the street of LA. (Wsup, Cliff, my hommie, oops that's was ten years ago, when i said Wsup to my homie) Just for curiousity, Does he has any experience in finance or just simply a guy that is going for a MBA at Univeristy of Pacific :thumbdown: , Hawaii. as a graduated MBA DUDE, Myself, I didn't learn anything from my school (USC) :thumbup: , How could Mr CLiff Park, 5'4", donut hair styles :thumbup: "cool hair cut, dude, Korean style all da way :thumbup: , 1 year MBA student can accomplish or be a director at this heavy work, a lot of money i would say, apx. $6.4 million student loans that student at HICP would need...OH..NO. HICP students should be ready to call home to ask parents to withdraw moneys from the home equity line of credit or fly home next year then. :smuggrin:
Another comments, 90% students from California, don't you worry, California real estate is stable now. so yours parents could have that money in no time, don't depend on MR. CLIFF PARK, director of finance opearation. :smuggrin:

Too bad for HICP Students can't withdraw it now with full refund, i bet if they can, more than 99% would fly first class home. attendance policy is one of they way to kick students out legally, YEAH? ;)
Too bad for the Dr. Bhagavan-Dean and others on having short staffs in the middle of the Pacific.

love to 240 students at HICP, :love: :love:
TLC_HICP :love: