Commit to Hopkins ($0 Debt) or Wait for NYU or Cornell Waitlist?

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Dec 21, 2023
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Hey all! I previously made a post debating on the current acceptances I had, and I ultimately selected “Plan to Enroll” for Hopkins. However, I am still on the waitlists for NYU, Cornell, NYU Long Island, Yale, and UPenn. However, the two schools I may seriously consider over Hopkins are NYU and Cornell, only because they are very close to my home and support system.

Hopkins: I will graduate with $0 debt. I may be more stress free at Hopkins than NYU or Cornell because there is no AOA, internal ranking, and most things are P/F. Also, it is Hopkins, which has a bit more prestige in medicine. However, I am a 2.5 hour Amtrak ride from home.

NYU and Cornell: NYU is tuition free, and Cornell is debt free. Since my parents make very little, I assume I would almost graduate debt free as well, so finances are not a huge issue. However, I know for instance NYU has AOA, so I may be more stressed with competition in these two schools. The main positive that makes me consider these two schools is how close they are to my partner, friends, and family (like a 30-40 minute car ride).

However, let me say that my partner and family are supportive no matter where I go. My partner will also be starting graduate school soon, so he will be quite busy. Additionally, it is well past June 1st, which is when I believe most of the waitlist movement happens, so I am having little hope for waitlist movement for NYU and Cornell. I wanted to make sure to say: don’t get me wrong, I’d very much be happy with Hopkins (I mean, it’s Hopkins!). But I am a family-orientated person.

Should I just fully commit to Hopkins? I don’t want to deal with the stress of holding out hope for NYU and Cornell’s waitlists till mid-July. It would be nice to be able to start on my lease, health forms, etc for Hopkins right now rather than waiting till two weeks before school starts.

Also, I may want to do a semi-competitive speciality like anesthesiology, and I would like any edge I could get. Would staying with Hopkins give me an edge, even if in the slightest?

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Hopkins is the best of the three so seems like a no brained. Matching anesthesiology is pretty much guaranteed from any of them assuming you don’t fail step or anything like that
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Hopkins. Not even close bro.

If you want to see your fam you can always catch the train on a Friday night and study. You won't have time to hang out during the week anyways.
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Hopkins 100% especially debt free + relatively close to home. This absolutely outweighs saving the Amtrak commute from your support system.
Hopkins. A moderate distance from family might be helpful in medical school. Close but not so close you can't stay focused.
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Thanks all for the responses :)! I have committed to Hopkins and very excited for the next four years!
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