Community Service Hours

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Mar 14, 2006
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I have a couple questions about community service.

1) How many hours should one complete while volunteering at a hospital? By the time I apply I will have spent 1 school year volunteering at my local hospital. I will probably have around 60 hours completed. I also have some hours from other places like a senior's program and athletic therapy camp. In total I will have a max of around 150 hours of community service. Is this enough? How does this stack up with others??

2) I started volunteering in the senior's home in high school and continued into freshman year. I don't think the people who work there remember me now (3 years later). Also, I'm not even sure if it's the same people still working there. I know the volunteer coordinator hasn't changed. Should I go back and do some more hours (which honestly I'm not really interested in) or just talk with the coordinator. I don't want an LOR from this place but I'm assuming I will need them to verify my service there???

Any advice is appreciated!


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Aug 1, 2006
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Who cares about the number of hours, the only reason they ask for avg hours/week etc is to evaluate your committment, IE 1 hr/month << 5 hrs/week for 3 years with an organization.

That said, I just multiplied out my hrs/week over the time period I was involved in a couple activities and came up with:

~360 hours volunteering in hospital (remote hospital with underserved)
~240 hours volunteering with the student group I am a part of

Before you asked, I had never even thought to figure out the total hours volunteered... it really doesn't matter.