Community college class listed as 96 credit hours

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Nov 14, 2023
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I'm taking two EMT classes over the summer to get my certification through a community college. I couldn't find anywhere that showed the number of credit hours the classes were worth until I pulled up the course catalog. It says there that the class is worth 96 credit hours!? I'm positive this won't actually be factored in as 96 credit hours in my GPA when I apply, but what exactly will be done about this? Will adcoms overlook the class entirely or cut it down to something like ~3 hours of credit?

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That must be a typo or they count differently. Could it be 96 contact hours? A semester of 3 hours/wk for 15 weeks is 45 hours, What you are doing is give or take about 6 semester hours. That's two courses at 3 credits each. Sounds about right.

AMCAS is likely to translate the transcript generated by the CC into a normal number of credit hours(45 hours = 3 credits) and then multiplied by the point value of the letter grade. I mean, really, 96 credits is more than 3 years of full-time college!
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Paramedic here, my EMT course that was taken outside of the college counted for 7.5 credit hours but that was an older catalog year. I think now most of the colleges nearby count it for 6-7 credit hours.
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