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Technology Completely Clueless


Going to extremes
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Jun 13, 2006
The 'kane
  1. Medical Student
Currently an M2 here. Our school recommends we get a PDA for 3rd year. The one they suggest is simply a PDA - not a phone. The 2 big things they "suggest" to look for in your selection is Windows Mobile and wifi. Now, like many people, I don't want to carry a cell and a PDA, so I was looking at smartphones. This is where I become clueless. If I get a smartphone through Verizon (my current carrier), I have to upgrade to a plan that is about $50 more a month even if the phone has wifi...I think. Now, if I get a PDA w/ wifi, do I have to pay any sort of company to allow me to get online? Or do I pretty much just pay the $400 up front and am good to go? If that is the case, it almost seems worth carrying 2 things around and not spending that extra $50 a month that I don't seem to have. Any advice? Anyone know why I have to pay that extra $50 if the phone is wifi capable?


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May 29, 2008
New York, New York
  1. Medical Student
The reason that phone companies charge you an extra fee is for unlimited data plans. This is in case you are not able to use wifi (no signal, or private networks).

If you get a PDA with wifi you shouldn't have to pay an extra fee, but it depends on who owns the network you are accessing. Some are private and charge, some are public.

My recommendation is to look for a PDA, as you will not be able to activate and use a smartphone due to verizon's system. Whereas if you were on Cingular/AT&T or T-mobile, they use sim cards, which can be swapped between phones easily. That is unless you are willing to pay the data fee for verizon.
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