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Jul 8, 2011
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Hey guys,
How was this form in predicting your level 2CE scores for COMLEX?
Is it pretty realistic of the level of difficulty of the real deal?


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just took form D, not bad..i would focus on OMM (cranial/sacrum were pretty high yield)

for anyone who has taken more than just Form D, how did the others compare and which ones do you suggest to take? Which was the most predictive for you?
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Took COMSAE D today, got a 421, the breakdown was the opposite. Said I was horrible at CV, Pedes, Psych, and health promotion and disease/ healthcare delivery issues/ asymptomatic presentations. How do I even study for that? My COMLEX2 exam is 1 month from today. Hitting COMBANK and COMQUEST hard.
Why does everyone poopoo Combank and Comquest? My UW average is much higher than my Com qbanks. Comlex is just as stupid and vague as the their banks. I think it preps you well.

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Bumping this thread.
I just took Form D and failed.. so postponing the real thing. But I do not know how to study for this from now on. I did average on UWorld on my 1.5 pass.. should I just finish my 2nd pass? Form D said I was very weak on OMM so I will study for that too. But other than that, what else do you guys suggest? I'm at a loss right now on how to approach this.
You can't prep for crappy exams with crappy banks and expect to be ready. forget the DO banks, learn from good sources.

comsae D seemed like it had a ton of cranial OMM on it, I wasn't ready for that. just going to take step 2 and hit savarese for two days.