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    Hey all!
    My name's Andrew, I'm an M1 who lives close to school and is looking to rent out 2 rooms. The condo association is called University Village and is between Cedar Key and Poinciana. Don't know if this is appropriate or helpful, if not I apologize (also a long post :).

    It's a two story place, the rent is $525/month (includes cable and a monthly maid service) and the bedrooms are decent sized (one is smaller than the other though). The upstairs is all bedrooms, the downstairs has a kitchen, with a study room on one end (leading out to a patio and the washer & dryer) and the living dining room on the other (there's a credenza and four person table near the kitchen, near the other patio is the entertainment area.

    Each bedroom has a balcony (big enough for at least a couple of chairs, mine has 2 chairs and a table) but the other two people will have to share 1.5 bathrooms (essentially share a shower). If you're interested, please email me at [email protected] Thanks and best of luck this next year! Oh, the walk to school is less than 10 minutes, door to sitting my butt down in class... (if that helps? :)

    Andrew Nye
    P.S. I was in you guys' position last year, Cedar Key was full by the time I visited Davie, but Poinciana is nice and new (I'd live there if my folks and I hadn't gotten lucky and bought this condo). I wasn't impressed by Sun Forest...
    P.P.S. Sorry, but no pets.
    Last PPPS - Anyone interested in finding out about the joys of condo buying is also welcome to contact me, but the essence of it is I think I got lucky...

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