Confusing dilemma choosing between GP and pedes

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Jul 5, 2016
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I graduated about five years ago from dental school, and my associate experience with GP practice has been bad (awful jobs) with pede experience being wonderful (awesome pedes office). In one GP the owner dentist tried to kiss me (gross!!), another one packed my schedule with hygiene and the owner dentist took all the crown and Invisalign patients, and another one tried to skip on paying my compensation, and I can go on and on. I do work in a very saturated metro city, and I think that has something to do with that. I got a job as a pediatric office through a friend a few years ago, and that job has been amazing and I don't get sexually harassed and I don't have to worry about getting paid honestly. I feel very comfortable treating kids now due to my pediatric office experience and my comfort level is so much higher than I am with adults. I love seeing kids although I'm really not a kid person outside work. I do feel stressed with adult patients but I think maybe this is because my adult skill sets are limited due to hx of bad GP jobs. But I can't tell if I truly love pedo or if my job shaped me to like pedo because the job has worked out so well compared to my other experience. I decided to apply to both GP and Pedo residency but I think I prefer Pedo residency over GP. I am 100% sure I love seeing kids but I want to get better with my adult skill set and I am not sure if I want to give up adults. I'm currently working with kids 100% of the time and I really enjoy my job. Please share if you had a similar situation and talk about your experience. Any comment would be helpful.